Gratitude Series 63 – My first car

I am grateful to have found a precious Guru who cares not just about our spiritual development, but also about our personal development. Rinpoche has helped me many times to overcome many fears and one of them was making a commitment in buying my first own wheels. Maybe to most people it is not a big deal and would actually look forward to it but not me. I did not like the idea of owning a car at that time because I did like the idea of being locked down with monthly instalments and all the other commitments that comes from owning a car. To me it was a burden, a huge responsibility for a carefree girl I was at that time. I did not think it was a necessary add on this extra stress in my comfortable life.

However Rinpoche instructed me to do so and said once I get one, I will experience a sense of “freedom” and that I would really like it. Rinpoche was absolutely right as usual. Once I got my own car, I felt the freedom to move around anywhere any time, without being a burden to anyone or stressing out on getting taxis.

This is nothing new to some of the closer students, as it is one of the first few compulsory lessons Rinpoche always teach us – be mobile and be independent. Rinpoche instils this in us to make us learn,  give us strength, to believe in ourselves and to never say I “can’t”. He does this to free us by standing on our own two feet instead of depending on others; be it someone to drive us or relying on taxis which are never reliable, in general to grow up and rely on ourselves.



So getting my first car and putting down my first down payment was one of the scariest things I did in life but it was one of the best lessons I got in life. I learnt to overcoming my fear of commitments and taking responsibility. Just from this one action, it taught me so much that could be applied in all aspects of life up till today. Not only did I learn to be more responsible for myself, it gave me the ability to also care and help others more by me being mobile. So instead of always looking out to get help, we can provide help. Therefore apart from one’s spiritual development, Rinpoche’s care extends right up one’s personal development. This is just one of the many things that Rinpoche does to help us grow. As Rinpoche says… “from outer achievements brings inner transformation”. This is one of the many outer achievements which I am truly grateful for.  And Rinpoche’s care reminds me of a verse in Dorje Shugden’s golden drink offering prayer…

“Please perform the four types of action during the six times;
And always care for me like a father with his child,
Without wavering even for a moment.”

Thank you Rinpoche for your unwavering care in all aspects of my life, where others do not bother, you do and make me see my own potentials.

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