Gratitude Series #56 – Enlightening messages

The constant care from H.E. Tsem Rinpoche is limitless. Almost on a daily basis Rinpoche would send us inspirational and creative wisdom messages either by blogging, email or phones. This is one of the things Rinpoche has been doing for years. They are often short profound messages which are great teachings and reminders. Most often I find these messages come at the most perfect time, helping me to reflect, be grateful, change my mode of thinking or start my day with a positive note. These messages could at times help lift someone who is down. It can encourage us to persevere when we feel like giving up, it can inspire, humble us, learn forgiveness, learn empathy and kindness… whatever it is, it is Rinpoche’s brilliant, skilful way of teaching us dharma in this 21st century.

Before there were smart phones that we could go online with and free messaging apps, Rinpoche used to send us these messages via text. Because of this Rinpoche even became the second biggest text messaging user under his network provider at one time. Rinpoche is truly a cyber-Lama because Rinpoche evolves with the times; is always finding ways, using today’s technology to reach out, spread Dharma, or simply just to show care. I’ve never met anyone who genuinely cares for others this much and if these are not the actions of a genuine Guru who selflessly thinks of others, like a father or mother for his/her children, like a Boddhisattva, then what is?

Like just today, Rinpoche have posted a whole lot of wisdom quotes from various authors that are empowering and motivational on His Facebook. The goal is to benefit others and always has been. It’s because of Rinpoche’s encouragement that I even like social media, otherwise I use to see it as a huge waste of time and another form of ego tripping gimmick from samsara.

Rinpoche always believes that we’ll never know who we might end up helping, whose lives we might end up changing for the better. I am sure that some of these messages that Rinpoche sent, have even saved someone’s life. So thank you Rinpoche for all that awesome wisdom messages that Rinpoche’s been sending us all these years. It is a great privilege to be on the receiving end because every single message, picture or quote is a blessing to open up our minds. Each one is a meaningful subject for us to contemplate upon, and with application it helps us in our transformation; to learn, unlearn, and relearn.

Here I’d like to share with all some of the many enlightening messages of wisdom sent by Rinpoche. I hope these messages will shine a light and benefit you as much as it has benefited me.  Again thank you Rinpoche!



























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