Gratitude Series #53 – The best gift for someone passing…

white-rose-mandala-digital-art-1409345555_orgThose who knows H.E. Tsem Rinpoche, knows that Rinpoche loves to shower people with gifts, but the greatest gift Rinpoche could ever give anyone is the gift of Dharma knowledge. Rinpoche have always advised us to expand our knowledge for it is only with knowledge that we have the power to overcome samsara’s delusions feasting on our ignorance. Rinpoche have always encouraged us to learn new things and made sure that we are equipped to deal with whatever heartaches or obstacles samsara throws our way. One such inevitable heartache is when someone we love passes away.

Death may be a taboo to talk about, but in Buddhism it is probably the most important subject talked about and taught. Let’s face it, everyone, rich or poor, good or bad will go through it eventually like it or not. And when it happens, it could be a dreadfully depressing experience if we didn’t have the knowledge to know how to deal with the situation, like when it comes to losing someone we hold dear. Yes it’s probably one of the lowest times in our lives but it can also be a life changing experience as we go through the greatest lesson in life – impermanence.

So the greatest gift Rinpoche has ever bestowed in me, and many students I believe would be the gift of knowledge and specifically knowledge in knowing how to help someone when they are passing away. It is the best and final gift we could ever give to the deceased as they make their final journey. To know that you can do something positive to help a love one during that crucial time, to help them transmigrate to a better life is an invaluable act of compassion.

I am extremely blessed to have this knowledge and Rinpoche’s guidance during the time my late husband’s father, Peter Ripley, suddenly passed away. As we all know death can come without any warning, so when we got this news, it was like a huge bomb had dropped on us. We had to quickly fly over to be with the family. Because Rinpoche had taught us what to do, we could calmly gather ourselves; knowing what needs to be done when we get there. This helped us to focus out instead of in, which made it easier to accept the inevitable and to be of strength and comfort for the rest of the family.

I am grateful for this and I’m sure Jus (my late husband, who was also Rinpoche’s close student) would too, because we could help send someone we love, his father off peacefully… dedicating prayers for his good rebirth, as well as planting seeds of Enlightenment for his future life. If we had not met Rinpoche, did not receive this precious teaching and knowledge, I think our grieving would have been quite empty to say the least.

I could never thank Rinpoche enough for teaching us how to show love the correct way, especially to those who are passing. No gift is greater and more powerful than knowledge. We are indeed so very fortunate to have a Lama that constantly cares enough to ensure we are not powerless. Thank you Rinpoche for giving us a gift that we can take over on our final journey and into our futures lives.

“Dharma is hope. Dharma is light. Dharma is the way of wisdom. Dharma is peace. Dharma is for those who wish peace and need a way to find it. Dharma is for all those who thirst for more in life than just the mundane daily actions. Dharma is for finding a way of life that can change your life for the better. Dharma can never harm nor bring damage. Never. Dharma was intended by Buddha to benefit. And it will benefit if you try.

When you listen to dharma, think it over a period of time and if it makes sense apply it. Only by applying will you see a difference in your mind, thinking and reactions. No one is perfect at our current state but perfection is not impossible as shown by the Buddha. Perfection of the mind is a real tangible state that can be achieved and should be achieved. Do listen to my talk from my heart and or the transcript. Share with those you think it might benefit. I wish you the best from the depths of my heart.” ~#Tsemtulku

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