Gratitude Series #51 ~ Guru saved me from dengue

flower_mandala_1Whatever anyone may say, they could never sway me from my Guru or Dharma protector because, truth is truth and I’ve experienced the compassion of both my Guru and protector as they’ve saved many people’s lives. One of those people is me, and not just once but many times, and it’s all because of my connection with Rinpoche.

There was a time, about 2 years back, I was down with dengue. When Rinpoche heard this from my update, Rinpoche said he has a “bad feeling”, and immediately arranged to have Medicine Buddha puja and a protector puja done for me. All this was happening when Rinpoche was in the middle of walking around the grounds of Kechara Forest Retreat, checking up on the first phase of construction work.

Rinpoche had wanted me to be admitted into the hospital, but because I had no fever, doctors would not recommend. So instead Rinpoche made me stay in the Ladrang (Lama’s residence) while I was recovering. This is because the Ladrang is a power house of positive energy as it is the Lama’s mandala.

The Ladrang is like the nucleus of the entire organisation. It is the nerve centre from which the Lama carries out his bodhisattva mission and deeds. It is the place where Rinpoche’s vision to relief the sufferings of others manifest from – a place where Dharma is alive 24/7. Hence it’s a sanctuary of peace, source of hope and inspiration for many who are benefited by Rinpoche’s compassion. Therefore the energy in the Ladrang is potently positive, in other words it’s like stepping into the mandala of the Buddha, or Manjushri or Vajrayogini.

Rinpoche even made sure I had food, and that someone would check up on me daily. Rinpoche was literally like a father caring for his child but even more. This is the kind of unconditional care and love Rinpoche gives, not just to me but to many others around him without expecting anything in return, but only for our minds to improve to become better, kinder, wiser humans.

It was a strange dengue experience because I did not get any fever at all. I just felt tired, had no appetite, with red spots all over lol. I basically did not have to endure any of the horrid symptoms we hear most patients have to go through. I believe it was because of Rinpoche’s blessings, the pujas and staying in the Ladrang that helped pulled me through this. The next few days when I got my test results, I was confirmed cleared of dengue.

Rinpoche has been caring to so many students consistently. There is no doubt that when anyone is with Rinpoche, you know you are in the presence of a Bodhisattva. You know you are in the presence of true kindness. No one can tell me otherwise about someone who has cared and saved my life so many times. In fact without my Guru and my Protector, I would not be here today.

Rinpoche’s concern has always been about how to benefit the person, how to help relief their pain, their suffering and if possible give them ‘some’ Dharma so that they are able to help themselves. Ultimately Rinppoche’s concern for his students is always about our ‘spirituality’. It is what matters most as it is the one thing that we can take with us when we close our eyes.

I can’t remember seeing the Buddha in my past life, but I can see the deeds of a Buddha in Tsem Tulku Rinpoche. So to me Rinpoche is the real Buddha in this life. It is because of Rinpoche I believe there is a Buddha in the first place. This is why my faith in my Guru and protector will always remain firm come what may as I’ve seen and felt real compassion. For that I am forever grateful to my Guru.

May my Guru’s life be long and protected for the benefit of so many beings who needs the Dharma always.


Pictures of Rinpoche going to hospitals and praying for those who are terminally ill and literally saving lives!

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