Gratitude Series #25 – Social Media Zone


I am very old school and I do not like technology or anything to do with it. I don’t like computers; I’m intimidated by them simply because every time I touch one, something will surely go wrong! It all seemed so complicated, so difficult; I was like a granny complaining. Drawing or painting a picture I have in my head would be so much easier and less stress. I never got it and you can forget about me ever blogging! Yes even this blog; time2giveback was set up for me by Rinpoche who had asked Pastor David to help me set this blog up. I would not have done it myself and I would never appreciated social media like I do now, or embrace this platform if it wasn’t for Rinpoche.

I thought Social Media was a waste of time and I never thought this tool could be used in a non-ego centric way to spread some good, create change, educate others, save animals, save lives, and spread the Dharma, until Rinpoche himself started using it. By example Rinpoche showed we can learn anything new if we wanted to make the effort. In this way Rinpoche inspired me to challenge myself out of my comfort zone to learn something I did not like. It was scary in the beginning but now going a day without doing any social media would seem like something is missing.

Rinpoche changed my perception on how I looked at things; our likes and dislikes became secondary if we really wanted to benefit others. Hence, I was made me face my fears with social media and in return it gave me courage to be afraid to learn new things. Now days, social media has become a platform and a voice for many concerned issues in our society and on our planet. We will never know the small part we play, by clicking “Like” and “sharing” a topic from Rinpoche’s blog which can perhaps change someone’s life. It could maybe help someone find peace, or a solution to a problem. It could be an awareness campaign to save the earth, a petition to rescue a dog or to shut down a puppy factory, to educate on slaughter houses, or to spread worlds of wisdom from Rinpoche’s blog. For instance yesterday someone asked me about what they can do to protect themselves from Ebola, I could point this person on to Rinpoche’s YouTube teachings on epidemic illnesses, give them a link to Rinpoche’s blog on prayers they could learn up to do, advice them on what protection they could wear, and perhaps pujas they could order through our wonderful online shop Would not have been able to do all this if I never learnt social media and if Rinpoche never created a blog!

So I’m really grateful that Rinpoche made me to learn social media which brings positivity and benefit to so many, and this is what exactly Rinpoche’s motivation is for us all along. Rinpoche himself does not like social media but Rinpoche learned it and does it daily as you can read His blogs, tweets, Facebook post. Some days Rinpoche would spend hours till his back, his hands are all hurting, doing hundreds of tweets, many blog post and FB sharing on top of other things Rinpoche has to do and oversee. Rinpoche always says “you’ll never know who might benefit from the post”. Everything Rinpoche does is for the greater good beyond His likes and dislikes, so who are we to give excuse to say we cannot.

Again I thank Rinpoche very much for the cajoling, the positive push and encouraging me to learn up and use this medium for a much better purpose. Rinpoche has always taught us that whatever it is, it is our motivation that matters and is the key to making something positive or negative; to collect positive or negative karma and results. So social media in itself is neutral but we are the ones who make it negative – boost one’s already inflated ego, OR positive – collect merits when we helped save a life e.g rescuing a doggie from an abused home. It is all up to our motivation and the actions we take from it. Thank you Rinpoche for helping me overcome my comfort zone and fears so that I can progress and improve always.




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