Gratitude Series #20


The very precious flying Vajra Yogini from H.E. Tsem Rinpoche

This precious flying Vajra Yogini came all the way back from Nepal. It is one of the many treasured gifts from Tsem Rinpoche to me but this is one of those special ones that I hold precious. This gift marked a very challenging time we had in Kechara as it was going through some expansion and Rinpoche was travelling a lot in Nepal. We were uncertain when Rinpoche was coming back, and there was only a few handful of us Ladrang staff looking after the Ladrang at that time. If I am not mistaken it was in the year 2008 when Kechara Lounge Kathmandu was established.

Rinpoche had gone to Nepal with a small team to set up our very first international visitor centre – Kechara Lounge, Nepal at the same spot where the famous Boudhanath Stupa is located. While Rinpoche was in Kathmandu, the small team back in Malaysia was doing some design work and printing of big banners to be sent to Kathmandu for the opening of our new Kechara Lounge. As usual our Rinpoche concocted this fabulous idea of expanding Kechara’s wings to Kathmandu. Rinpoche thought that it would be great if we had a Kechara office there in the heart of Boudha, and that Kechara Lounge would be like a portal for many international travellers to connect with us, Kechara Malaysia. It was another avenue to introduce our books and publications there. Rinpoche is always finding innovative ways to spread Dharma.

When Rinpoche finally came back, which was a few months later, Rinpoche presented this flying Vajra Yogini statue to me. I was in awe and in happy land. I really love feminine divines energies, and female Buddha deities especially Vajrayogini, who is a supreme Buddha. She is a Buddha I hope for one day (this or next life), be able to receive her sacred practice. Perhaps this is just my wishful thinking… but all this much love, respect and appreciation of Her is totally because of what Rinpoche has instilled and taught many of us about Her! Rinpoche would like us all to connect with sacred Vajra Yogini because Her practice is the most efficacious practice one could have in this day and age where the distractions in this desire realm we are in is strongest (see links on Vajra Yogini below).

Mind you, when I first saw a statue of Vajra Yogini in my sister’s house (this was before I was a Buddhist), I was totally scared of her image, in fact I thought it was “demonic”! I just got back from Australia and I thought my sister had gone crazy and was doing some kind of witchcraft or was into some cult. I was really not too happy with her “new” religion and spiritual path. Of course the religion wasn’t new at all, it was me who was the real dingbat and an ignorant brat! But later when I got to know Rinpoche, and got in to Tibetan Buddhism myself, I learnt more and more from Rinpoche about the different exotic Vajrayana Buddhas. Rinpoche really opened up my mind as I learnt more and became more excited and in awe with the meaning behind their symbols, colour, posture, iconography and representations of their enlightened state. Everything had a meaning and it really blew and broke all my misconceptions of Buddhism.

Not only did Rinpoche presented a lovely Vajra Yogini to me, Rinpoche also gave me, a colleague and Justin Ripley a trip to visit Kathmandu, our lounge and Ladrang there. Rinpoche paid for all our flights and even gave us spending money for the trip. When Rinpoche gives a gift to anyone, Rinpoche really gives all the way. Rinpoche would think thoroughly every aspect on how to benefit that particular someone. So even our pocket money was given to us by Rinpoche to ensure we will be alright during the trip. It is really humbling to receive so much from a Lama. I am most grateful to Rinpoche for giving me the assignments, a chance to participate in a small way during that time, to be able to help a little with some design work to promote our books and Kechara Lounge in Nepal. I am grateful and indeed most fortunate to have this life, to be able to do something meaningful that would be of benefit to others through Rinpoche’s activities.

No matter how I look at it, when I look back and think deeper, every single gift and every act of kindness, every single action or activity from Rinpoche is motivated towards bringing me closer to Dharma. Rinpoche’s priority has always been our spiritual progress from day one. Rinpoche will use many skilful ways to teach, to inspire, to cajole, scold, gift…  me and many of us, to practice Dharma, to improve, to become better, kinder human beings. Rinpoche’s priority is our spiritual progress, and it seems that everything is tailored around it to ensure we, I transform my negative mindset in to a positive one, and from there change the negative habituations that creates suffering for myself and others. Nothing Rinpoche does is ever random, or for fun, not even the jokes Rinpoche tells us or tease us with, even the scoldings that Rinpoche gives is to benefit and wake us up. Yes I’ve received many scoldings and no matter what others may think or say, I know for a fact that Rinpoche does it to help me wake up, and He will immediately change his tune from wrathful scolding to a gentle tone the minute one shifts, changes and head in the right direction. In fact to be able to even receive scoldings from one’s Lama is considered a great blessing in Tibetan Buddhism as it is one of the fastest way to purify a lot of negative karma. Rinpoche would do all this because Rinpoche really CARES and cares enough to even bother to point out my mistakes.  This is how much Rinpoche cares, like a father for his only child. Thank you Rinpoche for being a real Guru who shows real care and love by showing me what I need to work on, what I need to change, to improve to create less suffering and more happiness in ourselves and others.   Lounge_InNepal_04

Kechara Lounge, Kathmandu, Nepal

Kechara Lounge, Kathmandu, Nepal


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