Gratitude Series #14

Louis-Vuitton-Tivoli-bag-4How many Tibetan Lamas or Rinpoches do you know that likes buying beautiful good quality handbags as gifts to show appreciation to people? Well, not even my boss in the secular “samsaric” world does that!

This was my first ever LV handbag given to me by Tsem Rinpoche and it is my favourite bag ever. I remembered going shopping with Rinpoche and He wanted to get a few of these branded bags as gifts for friends. Why does Rinpoche want to give LV handbags out to people? Well, it was a huge craze at that time and basically it is because Rinpoche wanted to show appreciation to the people who have supported, sponsored or helped Rinpoche. Rinpoche is always looking for interesting creative gifts that will touch people’s hearts and we all know in every girl’s heart, there is always a special place for that “special bag”!

I was completely surprised when Rinpoche took out a few selections of LV bag and asked me to put this one on and see how it looked like. Rinpoche told me I gotta stop carry my TC (tired city) fabric tie-dyed bags around as we need to move up to the next level… looking professional and smart was the new red. Our spiritual organisation Kechara, was also at a growth stage at that moment as departments were manifesting. Rinpoche had always advice if we look the part, we will feel and play the part and become the part, this is how we grow and can embrace growth in anything we do in life, and it starts from the simplest basic of things. This was the significant message of the gift to me. It wasn’t just another bag, it was a representation of growth, and my growth in my spiritual career in this sense. I thank Rinpoche not just for the bag and many bags after, but more for Rinpoche’s constant care, thoughts, and affection towards me. The bag and many other things that Rinpoche has gifted me is a representation of me being on the right track in my spiritual path, in my own opinion… every gift is significant.

Ever since then Rinpoche has always been buying and gifting me and many others with all sorts of fashionable handbags. And Rinpoche has very good taste in selecting the right style of bags for the person and it is always a perfect for them. Inside each bag, Rinpoche will always put an “ang pow” (a red packet with some cash tokens) that represents wealth for the person, this is a Tibetan culture, it is not auspicious to gift bags or wallets empty. This is the extend of detailed care Rinpoche does for everyone He gives a gift to. If you are one of the fortunate ones to have receive a bag or any gift from from Rinpoche, you will know what I mean.


This is the latest bag Rinpoche gave me last year.


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