Gratitude Series #13


It was one of those days that Rinpoche had asked me and Andrew to go out to do some shopping, looking for gifts for people with Rinpoche. If I’m not mistaken, I think we were shopping in KLCC. It was on a weekday afternoon and the mall wasn’t as crowded as it would be on the weekends, so it was a quite a pleasant shopping day for us. Rinpoche bought us lunch and we had wonderful chats with Rinpoche, about his plans for Kechara Forest Retreat, his vision, his plans for some students etc.

One of the items that Rinpoche really likes to gift and reward hard working, dedicated, sincere students or friends  are mobile phones! Mobile phones are costly, and some of the students who works hard in Kechara can’t really afford a good phone yet their work involves heavy usage of this communication device greatly. It’s a practical and functional gift that Rinpoche always likes to give others to reward and encourage them to continue to do more good works.

So as we were walking and browsing at the “technology” section, Rinpoche would ask us do we need to get any mobile phones, tabs, items for phones for anyone? We said no as Rinpoche had already given to a few students recently, but Rinpoche wanted to stock up a few more just in case. So Rinpoche would ask us to get information about certain phone models, their functions and price. We came across the newly released Sony Xperia phones that was labelled the “hot pot” phone as the video of this phone went viral. It showed that the phone is waterproof and even after being cooked in a hot pot soup, it still works perfectly! With a bigger camera resolution compared to a Samsung which was our favourite at that time.

Anyway, Rinpoche told me to find out more about the phone and that He would like to get one for me! I was quite surprised because it is an expensive gift, it cost something like RM2K. I was so happy to receive this as I very much needed a new phone as my current one was playing up and about to crash. Next thing I know, we ended up buying two phones, one for me and another for Levi, our beloved hard working chef in our office!

Rinpoche said that it is a great phone for me since I love taking good pictures, it will help with my work and for Levi, it is so that she can communicate better with her family in Philippines and she can take lots of good pictures to send to her family, especially her daughter, making sure they are updated and stay close in this sense. Rinpoche always think of to help and benefits someone even beyond them, this shows Rinpoche’s care towards not just us but even our own family. He is always thinking how He can improve their lives, bringing families and love ones closer. This is the beautiful part about every gift that Rinpoche gives, they come with a lot of kind, good intentions. I thank Rinpoche very much for this beautiful, functional gift which I am still using now up until this day.


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