Gratitude Series #12

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Getting clothes for someone is always quite personal thing, you really need to personally know the person you are getting the gift to, their taste, style, likes and dislikes. This is probably why, it is not very common that you see people give “clothes” as a gift often.

But with Rinpoche, He likes buying fashionable clothes for some of His students and He always seems to know what exactly to pick out for the person. It will almost always suite them perfectly and sometimes even improves their “appearance” like whole make over do! This is all because Rinpoche cares… He cares enough to observe the person, understand their character and figure out their style or better yet introduce to them a style that would enhance their character further! That’s a natural creative talent Rinpoche has.

Well, Rinpoche has bought one too many clothing as gifts for me and this is probably one of my favourite T-shirts from Hong Kong because 1. it was a gift from my Guru, Tsem Rinpoche and 2. I love the “bling bling” Buddha.

I think buying someone something as personal as “clothes” as gifts shows the level of closeness the person has with you. It is definitely not something very common that people would get as gifts to someone unless they are know the person well and close enough to know his/her style. So I am appreciative of all the funky clothes Rinpoche has gotten me randomly over the years, it is not so much the physical items I am appreciative of but more of the close relationship I have with Rinpoche which at times taken for granted. These are moments of reflections which reminds me of the my strong connection with Rinpoche and makes me appreciate it even more. Thank you Rinpoche for the many wonderful bajus*/tops/skirts/blouses/clothes!


*baju = Malay word for clothings/clothes.


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