Gratitude Series #11


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I really did not expect it, but when I first announced to Rinpoche that Justin and I will finally be tying the knot after 10 years of our relationship, Rinpoche told me He rejoices for us and He will confer a marriage blessing for us! I was very moved and grateful for hearing that, because nothing was more important to me than knowing our Guru blesses our union. On top of that, Rinpoche said He will sponsor our entire wedding! I was flabbergasted beyond words!

It was the first Kecharian wedding ever to be held in Kechara House. I couldn’t believe it, that my Guru, a monk, is doing all this for me. Rinpoche is not just kind, Rinpoche is treating me like his own sister, keen, family, Like a “father” would for his daughter. Next thing I know, I had a wedding planner committee and it all seem like fairy tale fuss I found myself unexpectedly in with many happy Kecharians planning, sponsoring, volunteering for the whole event. All I had in mind was to sign some papers, maybe have a puja done in the monastery, I really did not expect full on wedding event.

I remembered on the actual day, I was nervous not because I was getting married, but because I was about to take on my marriage vows and receive blessings from Rinpoche! This is huge to me because the last thing I expected was a Buddhist wedding like this one. Like His own keen, Rinpoche has certainly shown me a lot of care and love that only a big brother or a father would do, but Rinpoche is more than that, Rinpoche is a Lama, my Lama that would even nurture a tired being like me to bring some good out.

The only motivation that Rinpoche has for doing all this is to benefit someone on to a happier path in life. Some may consider it a spiritual path, some a way of life, some a way to liberation, but whatever it is, it is not about Rinpoche and in the long run, it only benefits the person/practitioners. If youโ€™ve met a person, a spiritual friend like Tsem Rinpoche, it would be extremely foolish and a great loss for anyone who chooses to abandon what is gold, only because they are blinded by their own ignorance. And in actuality, more sacred than any worldly vows, even marriage vows, would be the vows of samaya one has with oneโ€™s Guru. I know I cannot thank Rinpoche enough for everything He has done for me, and this is just a speckle of an exercise to share my gratitude towards the BLESSINGS Iโ€™ve received from Rinpoche for all these 12 years.


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