Gratitude Series #10

PayYourBills copy How many of us work so hard outside to make ends meet and to make sure we can at the end of the day pay our bills? It seems like that is the achievement for some of us in “samsara”, making sure we can pay those bills we happily accumulate. And as we accumulate more; bigger house, bigger car, bigger commitments, the harder we need to work to pay it off, seems like a vicious cycle? Yes, it is, and we also think this is how life and happiness is suppose to be.

Well, being in Dharma gives me at least some sanity that all that “work” isn’t just for those silly mundane bills. Those bills become part and parcel of life but not the focal point and definitely not the main goals. However, doing Dharma does not mean your bills miraculously disappear, but somehow it lessens. It lessens when you realise that there are just some things you really do not need to indulge in e.g. shopping for the girls, retail therapy is good until your credit card hits yo! And sometimes it lessens because we have a kind Lama like Tsem Rinpoche who often goes around out of the blue, paying off people’s bills. Rinpoche has many times helped pay off my cell phone bills, even subsidising my rent for a year, giving extra pocket money now and then to help me get by. I am not the only one who have been receiving this kind generosity from Rinpoche, so you can imagines how many more students Rinpoche happily sponsors.

Not only does Rinpoche give Dharma, Rinpoche also constantly look out for His students’ welfare, like a father towards his children. Many high Lamas and monks says that Rinpoche embodies the qualities of a Boddhisattva as we can see through His compassionate actions that are consistent (some interviews of High Lamas from Gaden Monastery about Tsem Rinpoche here: ) even in the monastery, Rinpoche would help the poor, homeless and always buy offerings to offer to his teachers and high Lamas.

How can I ever repay the kindness of such a great being, a mere “thank you” does not seem justifiable for all the kindness Rinpoche has shown me, but I guess one of the ways I can start doing so is to start sharing with the world what Rinpoche has done for me and what this one person has done to touch so many people’s lives. I am very blessed and fortunate in this life to have met Tsem Rinpoche.


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