Gratitude Series #9


Good things come in small packages. That’s been true so far… this is a little gift from Tsem Tulku Rinpoche, a little box of “peace”.

When I first received it I thought to myself; that is exactly what I wish for… “peace”. Somehow it always seems that Rinpoche knows exactly what’s in my head and heart all the time. But the simplest fact that Rinpoche had even bothered a thought of a gift for me was enough to make my day.
Firstly I love collecting “boxes” and secondly I love anything hippie, so it was the perfect “me” gift 🙂

Rinpoche is constantly buying gifts for others and would spend hours searching for that right gift. For every gift that Rinpoche gives, there is always so much thought put in to it that will always touch the person’s heart. Some gifts help to the recipient open up more and some to plant some seeds that will trigger something within them present or future.

Even a simple, tiny gift such as this little box can say so much and mean so much… for every “peace” given, a “peace” shall be received as we are the author’s of our lives. I Thank Rinpoche for always bringing warmth in to my life, I’ve not done much in return to reciprocate this, I must make it a point to do so this year with all who have been extremely kind to me.


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