Gratitude Series #8

20140731_214122This is my first Buddha pendant given to me by Tsem Tulku Rinpoche. This Buddha pendant was one of the first batched of designs done Rinpoche himself! It was a great honour for me to be one of the lucky ones to have received such a precious sacred gift!

It is a solid gold pendant and I know I would not and could not ever afford it on my own. I really did not expect this and when Rinpoche was casually testing it out a few of us, He would ask us what we thought of each design. Rinpoche tried one on me and then said this particular design was perfect for me and hence gifted this pendant to me, stating its significant, I was beyond words!

Rinpoche had informed us the reason and benefits of wearing a Buddha pendant was to protect oneself from any negative energy, to be under the protection of the three jewels, and to bless one’s body. That is why Rinpoche is so passionate about creating beautiful Buddha pendants and hence why we have a department in Kechara today, that creates beautiful Buddha pendants

Wearing a Buddha pendant does not only blesses the person wearing it but also plant seeds of Dharma in those (anyone) who sees the pendants.

Thank you Rinpoche for giving me this sacred Buddha pendant, one of the many sacred items Rinpoche has given me. It is most precious to me not because of its make but the significant meaning behind it!


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