Gratitude Series #7


Tsem Rinpoche cooking Korean Noodles supper for some of us clowns who work late at night


Rinpoche dishes the noodles cooked for each and everyone of us

This is something people least expect a High Lama like H.E. Tsem Rinpoche would do… cook for His students. Food is the very basic act of affection or care, and Rinpoche loves feeding people. Rinpoche would sometimes surprise us close students by making us something to eat, like you see in the picture above. This is one incident in Rinpoche’s Ladrang (private residence of a Lama) in Kechara Forest Retreat (KFR), there are many other occasions and I am one of those lucky few who had the great honour. There was a time when Rinpoche would call me up and even drive up to my house to pick me and some friends up to have Indian breakfast!

Rinpoche often stress the importance of feeding people, sometimes when we go out to eat with Rinpoche, He would always ask us to pack extra food for hard working people in departments or even specially get the Ladrang kitchen staff to cook something to bring it up to their departments late at night. Rinpoche always like having abundance of food on the table to serve others, so that no one feels too shy to eat.

Even workers, contractors, suppliers, or any guests that visits the Ladrang will always be given something to eat or drink. Even the UPS delivery guy will get at least a drink. In KFR, during the beginning, the first phase of construction, Rinpoche had people make sandwiches and to go around the land delivery the sandwiches and drinks to the construction workers.

Rinpoche really embodies compassion and care, and this can be seen through many of His actions and one of them is this… feeding people, in Rinpoche’s Ladrang, all those who have had the great honour of visiting the Ladrang or working from there, will know that no one ever gets to go home with an empty stomach.

Thank you Tsem Tulku Rinpoche for showing us your care and how to care from the very basic act of kindness.


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