Gratitude Series #6


Yet another special #sacred #gift from my Lama…

This is my first ever sadhana book (personal prayer book) that was specially compiled and designed by His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche came in a pretty red box which I still have up till this day, gifted to me on my 27th Birthday. I was really stunned and amazed at the#beauty of this prayer book; the amount of effort, time, care and detail Rinpoche had put in to creating this sadhana book specially for me was amazing!

A sadhana book is a prayer book that is personalised to suit the practitioner, usually advised by the Lama. Different people have different sadhanas specified by the Lama, otherwise the general one would be Lama Tsongkhapa’s Guru Yoga.

Rinpoche got one of His assistants then, FG to get it done quietly for me, they’ve been working for weeks, and even special papers were carefully selected to personalise the prayer book. I remembered when I first received it, I went through every single page, admiring it in awe. There were 2 sets of books presented to me, one for home use and another for travelling. I was so excited, I could not wait to retreat in to my own private space to do my prayers. I don’t think anyone has done something this special for me. But this is the kind of person that Rinpoche is, a truly kind, compassionate being who truly, genuine cares for someone and would really go out of the way to benefit silly me. I often wonder what have I done to deserve this?

If I were to die, this would definitely be one of the few personal things I would like buried or cremated with me. I am ever grateful to Rinpoche for the many thoughtful gifts given to me, each represents great meaning in my life, each of it has its significant!



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