Gratitude Series #5

491-934xThis Gold leafed Tara was a gift from H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche to me in 2000. This Tara has been with me through thick and thin and the various car accidents I’ve had. She is still in “one piece”, thank Goodness, and has been my protection ever since.
I remembered when I first had my 1st car accident, just outside KH1 in year 2004, I was totally shocked, as I just bought my 1st car ever, and I was in the midst of my 1st ever retreat during that time. I reversed and backed out on to what seems to be a deserted street (at that time, Kechara House area, Sunwaymas was a new development and fairly empty) only to be smashed by a truck load of gas tank! In shock all I could do was to grab on to this Tara on my dashboard.

Later Rinpoche asked me to rest in His house and explained how I should rejoice in the situation that could have costed me my life, but instead I was totally unharmed. Rinpoche said the hit was a very traumatic experience I had to go through, countless karmas purified and that is a very very good sign because this means the retreat is going well. And it was a special Tara retreat I was in too. Also the night before the accident, Rinpoche and a few very close students visited my little retreat room and spontaneously Rinpoche did a Serkym (Golden Drink) offering to Lord Setrap for me to have a successful retreat. Talk about coincidence? I think NOT.

This is just one of the many little spontaneous things that Rinpoche would skilfully do to benefit someone… or save someone’s life. Nothing that Rinpoche does is ever random. Rinpoche could be playing with your hair and giving you a blessing, or make play a pick game to gauge your mindset. And every gift Rinpoche gives anyone always comes with a lot of blessings, some of them have #mantras blown on them, some have been used by the Lama, all a skilful form to give you blessings. And if you’ve gotten a #gift, any gift from#Rinpoche, #treasure it like you just found #gold!


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