Gratitude Series #4

1stBuddhaIt was in year 2000, the millennium year, if I’m not mistaken, I had only briefly met Rinpoche a year ago when my sister, invited me to join her and “some” friends for dinner. Anyway, long story short… it was only a year after that, that I reconnected with Rinpoche. I was seeking some personal advice as I was going through a very down time in my life. I searched my mind to try to find someone whom I considered honest, wise and trust worthy, and I could not find anyone, then suddenly I remembered, I had met a “monk” (Tsem Tulku Rinpoche) a year ago. So I called up my sister and asked her how do I get in touch with Rinpoche and to give me His email which she did. So I wrote to Rinpoche and to my big surprise, RInpoche answered my email the very next day. I was eager and anxious to receive a reply but I really didn’t expect Rinpoche to reply so promptly! In Rinpoche’s reply, I got another surprise… I was asked to go down to Singapore to see Him together with Justin Ripley, and my sister “FJ” (Joanne Kam) was to drive us! (Helleluyah – OMGawd! Those who know my sis well, would understand Lolx)

Well we spent 3 days in Singapore and just before we left, I had a final audience with Rinpoche in His private residence there at that time. Rinpoche gave His advices, and just before we left, He took out this eccentric #Buddha of His from His personal shrine in His bedroom and asked me what I thought of this Buddha (I wasn’t a Buddhist then), but I thought that it was a really #gorgeous Buddha statue, different from the norm and #artistic. Somehow Rinpoche knew I like anything “artsy”, so… Rinpoche said I can have it, just like that! I dumbfounded! I just met this person, why would He give me something so nice and so huge? To me it was a “huge” gift! And I wasn’t even Buddhist!

But yes that is exactly who Rinpoche is and always will be, a generous being that gives without judgemental conditions or personal agendas. Yes you would be dumbfounded too because in this world, we all know, it is very rare anyone gives anyone anything for “free” and in good spirit without any strings attached, conditions, expectations or hidden personal agendas. So yes this is the first gift I received from Rinpoche, definitely not the last, but what I treasure most is the meaning behind this gift and what it represents. This Buddha really brought #peaceto my mind which I needed most at that time, and I love Him very very much. This Buddha bare witness to the beginning of my #spiritual journey and my connection with Rinpoche, it has a special place in my #heart and #life, and I Thank you, Rinpoche for this huge gift!


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