Gratitude Series #3

img08490After the Dzambala puja teachings, Tsem Rinpoche invited a few of us to go over to stay His new house in Bandar Utama.

It so happened that the next day was my Birthday and I woke up feeling really blessed after attending a Dzambala teaching, learning the pujas from Rinpoche and now being invited to stay in the Lama’s house! I remembered thinking to myself at that time how amazingly lucky I am. I was ushered downstairs and when I came down to enter the kitchen, everyone screamed “Surprised”! I was flabbergasted and so very surprised that Rinpoche had taken the energy, time and effort to plan and threw a Birthday surprise for me! What more could I ask for? It was the greatest gift anyone has ever given me. Rinpoche made me feel like family, in fact even more than any of my family would do!

As we all know Rinpoche has always taken the time and effort to show His care… the kind of care that makes people feel loved without any kind of expectations of gaining something in return. No ulterior motives but it is always to benefit the other, to make someone’s day. When you’ve found a special friend like Rinpoche, you will never want to lose it because unlike samsara friends who comes and go, this is one that is sacred because it’s one that guides you through your darkest hour – a spiritual friend not just for this life, but perhaps past and also future lives.

I know anyone or everyone who has met Rinpoche will know that this is true, that from the moment you get to know Rinpoche, you will inevitably experience Rinpoche’s compassion, His CARE for you is like as though you were the most precious person to Him. Even strangers and homeless people on the streets have experienced Rinpoche’s #kindness and #compassion. Always treasure the moments you have with your Guru, it is perhaps the best and truest relationship anyone could ever find on this planet.


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