Gratitude Series #2


Precious Memories… of my first ever Puja in year 2003 (that’s what is says on the photo print lol) It was a Dzambala Puja, my first puja ever, held in Tsem Tulku Rinpoche friend’s house. Many faces seen here are of the old batch of motley crews, some have left, and some are still around (lucky enough).

Seems like it was only yesterday, I can remember the whole entire production of this 3 days Dzambala Puja teaching which Rinpoche was going to confer upon us cos I was one of the very “few” (at that time) people who were helping out with the whole set up.

I’ve learned so much in such a short span of time how to set up/prepare for a teaching and puja for Rinpoche. It was such an exciting experience and also nerve racking cos 80% of everything was totally new to me! But thankfully there were a lot of great support from the Dharma friends then and guidance from Rinpoche himself. I remembered clearly this day, I was quite stressed out with the amount of things required to set up a teaching cum puja, yet so very very excited to be part of the team that sets it up!

Looking back it was amazing how we did it, almost in a spur of a moment, as most of Rinpoche’s activities would be lol. Every night after puja, we would go in to Rinpoche’s audience (private) room and Rinpoche would question us on what we’ve learnt from the teaching he gave. I also had a taste of what is “impermanent”. It was an experience to remember and I am ever so grateful for this precious memory! Thank you Rinpoche!


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